• Chloe Calvin

Welcome 2 my Soul Sanctuary

Hello and welcome to my new venture, open world diary, my soul sanctuary where I will be sharing with you my journey through life in my mid-20s. I created this website to express all the things that comes into my mind into fruition and manifest into something meaningful.

Recently I learned that your words have power and as an inspiring radio presenter I remember one listener, listening represents one hundred listeners. I use that same method into this website for every share, every like and every view. As some personal issues that I'm facing in my every day life, there is someone in this world who is or could be viewing things the same way as me. So I asked myself, why not express my views openly to share with the world to see.

I have so many interests in the world that I want to share with people to understand me but I procrastinate myself as it thinking my thoughts are nonsense and useless. All because of lack of self-confidence.

Originally my Soul Sanctuary is my bedroom as its the only place in my mother's house that I call my own. It is the only place I know that I can switch off from the world and create my own ideas and bring them to life. I use to think that I can create anything in my room into a Photography Studio, Radio Station, YouTube Creator Studio or a Carnival Camp or Hairdressers.

Its because of my independent nature that pushes me to create in a limited space but I try not to see any limit.

My biggest downfall is procrastination which is killing my fame and success!

Hope this website works in my favour.

Love C.C. x

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