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#Halloween 2020 - A Tribute to Thriller

"in no way endorses a belief in the occult” - Michael Jackson, disclaimer for Thriller video

THRILLER - Ok. It's that time of the year!


Song: Thriller by Michael Jackson

Recorded: 1982

Short Film Premiered: December 2, 1983

Released: January 23, 1984 (U.S. release)

Okay it's time to celebrate Halloween with the King of Pop who created music to help us through the spooky "doot" "doot" season. This blog post is not only about Thriller the song but about how Michael was able to created ethereal music for Halloween.

"As we walked into the room, there were faces Staring, glaring, tearing through me Someone said welcome to your doom Then they smiled with eyes that looked as if they knew me This is scaring me" This Place Hotel Michael Jackson

Thought of the idea last minute Thursday night and I literally took the teasing people used to make fun of me for years that I look like baby face Michael and turned it into a cosplay.

Special thanks to my Mother for sitting in the kitchen at 2:30am in the morning to keep me company while I pose into front of my camera in the garden to recreate this.

"Did I do good?"

I even tried to pull off the love-child look between Ola Ray and MJ as I had these jeans for years from Zara as they always remind me of Ola's outfit in Thriller and shout out to Forever 21 for always thinking outside the box when it comes to American mid-century fashion with a present twist I brought this jacket in 2013 and only worn it twice due to the fact it gives major Thriller vibes.

I had to draw on the black "trim" on the jacket (photoshop) tbh my old soul is finally fulfilled doing this and it was fun AF doing it. The make up is already casket ready... for theme you know.

"But her inner spirit and words Were as sharp as A two-edged sword But I loved it 'Cause it's dangerous" Dangerous Michael Jackson

Just finished watching Thriller, Ghosts, parts of Moonwalker then I'm gonna go watch The Nightmare before Christmas for the first time and then Ghostbusters. Can we commend Ola Ray for running in heels from them dancing zombies.

I remember seeing Ghosts for the first time and I cried at the end "hOw ThEy Do MiChaEl LiKe DaT!!". My Thriller experience, I slept with my bedroom door opened for weeks and added a mosquito net for "protection". The joys as a child watching Thriller and having a rush of emotions of fear, delight and excitement at the same time. Watching the undead creeping from their graves and a werecat terrorizing his date through the woods.

"Cause there's a time when you're right And you know you must fight" Leave Me Alone Michael Jackson

"I can't wait to show my kids Thriller. They gonna have to sleep in my bed when it done"

During the meme era and something I heavily use during my interaction online and private messages it was only right to recreate the "popcorn" scene. As I legit always make this face in my head or most times in real life when I'm reading some major gossip, facts or just plain stupidness that feeds to my rabbit hole discoveries. It also works with Michael as he was a big kid and the world was his oyster to create these crazy entertaining short films.

I recreated the scene with chicken wings in the bag as my home cinema ran out of toffee popcorn.

"culturally, historically or aesthetically" significant"

Thriller was credited for breaking racial barriers and transforming the medium into an art form and promotional tool.

Cultural Impact of Michael Jackson:

  • - Visual Arts

  • - Performing Arts

  • - Racial Politics

  • - Global Impact

  • - Music Production

  • - Everything!

It was only right to end UK Black History Month celebrating the first Black Superstar o

f the post civil-rights era. Michael Jackson made Pop Culture accept a person of colour. Breaking a number of barriers for African-Americans and globally for Black Artists including being the first Black artist to have a vide

o shown on MTV, the first Black global Pop icon (pioneer) and by breaking (physical) sales records with Thriller.

Celebrating the end of UK Black History Month dressed as MJ from his short film 'Thriller'. His achievements helped to complete the desegregation of popular music and introduced an era of multiculturalism and integration that future generations of artists follow today.

I had way too much fun doing this my creativity was on 9000% this week.

The goofball, inner child and old soul jumped out. For 20 pus years I have always been fascinated by Michael he was my childhood soundtrack I was able to play around and express myself without judgement.

I was able to think that I could do anything that came into my mind possible because he led by example from his creative direction and freedom to express positive vibes through his craft. It's a tough act to follow but once you put your mind into it the work comes in like second nature and that was the exact moment I felt when I decided to do these images for Halloween.

Also this was a tribute to my father as he would always supported my wacky crazy adventures by funding and sourcing the assets that completed my childhood.

The music, DVD's, books, buttons, posters, sing-a-longs, jokes and stories. I was a girly tom-boy as I always thought that girls could do it too and be just as great as men hence why I added my "Ola Ray" jeans. I wanted to be cool and mysterious as Michael but sexy and innocent as Ola, I dunno how well I portrayed the two in my cosplay but it was fun and I surprised myself on how it came out!

Btw Michael Jackson's "Thriller" has entered the top 10 on US iTunes. (October, 30 2020)


Also which film is your favourite to watch during Halloween season. My personal fav is Ghosts because it felt like a real horror/thriller film. Great story/fable as most of Michael's video had a lesson at the end. Following from the conversation I had on Twitter.

"As a kid I understood the moral of the story and metaphor towards the media circus surrounding him. However entertainment wise MJ could act and I wish he did more acting gigs because his acting in Ghosts is everything to me"

Fun Fact: I am a Michael Jackson fan way before I converted Purple at the sweet age of 18. I miss and love the both of them very dearly.

Since you made it this far you might as well watch the videos.

The MJ estate finally released a HD version of the full film of Ghosts on YouTube! Michael Jackson rules Halloween and there will be no other like him.

"I'm gonna be Exactly what you want to see It's you who's haunting me You're warning me To be the stranger In your life Am I amusing you Or just confusing you Am I the beast You visualized And if you want to see Eccentrialities I'll be grotesque Before your eyes" Is It Scary Michael Jackson

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