• Chloe Calvin

I'm Tired

Me leaving a review on Earth: ★☆☆☆☆ Would not recommend 🤷🏾‍♀️ It’s very ghetto.

I have two phones so whenever I need to document affirmations to myself I send them to my other whats app and reshare when necessary in moments like this.

Expressing myself to be relieved from my burdens.

[18/10/2019, 00:02] : i feel tired, stressed out, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, disappointed, frustrated, anxious, depressed, fearful, annoyed, and guilty! 🦄🌈✨

[18/10/2019, 00:02]: if it involves other people it’s not my thing

[18/10/2019, 00:03]: hobbies include perceiving a good thing as a bad thing

[18/10/2019, 00:03]: what do you mean by self-confidence

[18/10/2019, 00:04]: i hate everything in a whole new way

[18/10/2019, 00:04] ✨C.C. ✨: if you can’t handle me at my worst, then it’s fine i prefer being alone tbh

Now I'm spiritual, mentally and physically tired. I'm losing weight, I've losted my drive and killing relationships with peers left and right. Example this message I wrote to a acquaintance (because the term friend gets thrown around too loosely).

"I say this one thing, its hard for people to maintain friendships with me because they're not on my level of subconscious as my thoughts and responsibilities are 10,000 miles away. I'm cut from a different cloth from our generation so many things don't resonate with me. I do knock heads with people due to indifferencs. Don't take it personal if you don't see me around. I like the inclusiveness as an lone individual. Enjoy your film."

I am unhappy and unbothered that I am progressively excluding myself from everyone in my orbit. I have nothing to give and I wish people would stop acting like they care and coming to me with some shit that doesn't resonate because I'm tired of believing in "hope".

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