• Chloe Calvin

Thank You 2018

"I pray I never have to feel the way I did in 2018 ever again"


RECAPPING 2018: I hated this year. I lost more than I gained. I was used to help others reach their goals rather than focusing on my own. I'm stuck in the middle with family and "friends" judging me without reaching out to have a conversation with me. I quit my job on Tuesday because I owe myself #FREEDOM of peace. If I tried to reach out and build the bridge between us and you refused then we're cancelled.

I don't need anymore baggage.

I'm ready to #LIVE once the clock strikes midnight in 2019.

- I want to launch my website - I will blog my opinions and interests

- I want to be on a radio station that supports me and help me excel

- I want to grow my YouTube channel

- I want to build my brand and be taken seriously

- I want back my happiness

Thank you, Love Chloe x

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