• Chloe Calvin

31 Years of Rhythm Nation 1814

31 Years - one of my favourite albums of all time was released.

The message behind the record still stands in today's climate from Race, Injustice, Poverty. Humanity, Greed, War, Crime, Sickness and Disease.

Album: Rhythm Nation 1814

Artist: Janet Jackson

Year: 1989


This album opened my curiosity to explore the many flavours the Minneapolis sound produced. Not only was I looking for the female version of the greatest entertainer of all time but I supported her based on her family legacy by carrying on the baton of her family name as the youngest member and representing the Black community and women around the world.

Janet Jackson is the blueprint for many of our current female artist today. Bringing social issues to topics and themes to mainstream music and visual movies.

I will forver cherish her contributions to music, dance and empowerment for producing this creation. I will forever be grateful to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for taking her under their wings helping her to archive her goals.

Forever my soundtrack.

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