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Nik West at PizzaExpress Live (Holborn) London

The weekends are mostly me time. I don’t go out clubbing. I just eat, lounge, drink and sleep. Somehow it slipped my mind about Nik West performing in London for the first time. At first, I thought it was a bit odd because most times there’s a buzz around a Prince associated artist coming to town, but Nik’s movement was like a purple unicorn in ninja form. I haven’t heard much of her music, but I knew that she is a wicked bass player as I’ve seen from her viral videos. So, what better way to be introduced to new music than to see the artist in rare form on stage showcasing their passion for music performing their songs.

Meet and Greet with Nik West, after her first London show. Nik is giving us 80s realness & I'm serving the golden 70s 🚀💫🌼

I loved her genuine presence on stage while she took the audience on her journey through music covering songs she grown to love throughout her life and down to her own creations such as Purple Unicorn. Nothing beats her bass cover of Michael Jackson Get on The Floor sounds just like the original track itself I could vision MJ singing along beside her, down to Tina and Ike Proud Mary with help from an audience member on stage participating along with the performance.

Energetic, Dynamic, Spirited and Vibrant is just a few words to describe watching Nik perform on stage. I was taken back when listening her singing voice for the first time, I was thinking to myself why Nik is underselling herself as just a female “bass” player when she is an amazing singer. Her voice has range! I could see her as a triple threat in the music industry just like Alicia Keys or Esperanza Spalding. It’s a shame that real musicians like her must work extra hard to be noticed for the world of music to appreciate her.

“Nik West sports an eye-poppingly colorful Mohawk shaped like a bass clef and seduces the viewer with her sexy glamour. But when she grabs her electric bass and starts churning out delicious funk grooves, it’s obvious that it’s her outsized musical talent and endless energy that have made her one of the biggest up-and-comers on the R&B side of town.” - https://www.pizzaexpresslive.com/whats-on/nik-west

Her stage outfits gives me life as she is in tune with who she is as an artist showcasing her talent and passion through her music, fashion and personality. To be ordained by Quincy Jones and Prince two of the giant figures in music is a blessing.

I wish Nik West all the best and if she is ever in your city you must go and see her. It was nice to be introduced to her in a small club as it was more of an intimate, where you can respect and enjoy the art in its raw pure form.

[📼: 2 hours of funk compressed into a 1-minute video]

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Love C.C.

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