• Chloe Calvin

Janelle Monáe Live at Roundhouse, London

Back Story: I am glowing. I finally saw the woman who introduced me to Prince 5 years later. He knew she introduced me to his music and I remember he selected their track 'Givin' Em What They Love' on his Purple Pick of the week back in February 2015 for Tidal because I said in one of my videos on YouTube that was the song that made me curious about him.

I honestly thought I would meet her personally through him but life had other plans. I have watched this girl/woman grow and she didn't disappoint. She has studied the pioneers and legends of music. She dances like MJ, rocking Prince's swag, controls the band like James Brown and has a body like Janet Jackson. Wah!!!!! I feel like I'm in a dream.

She performed Purple Rain!! 😫 I nearly cried off my eyelashes because of her, Prince means the world to me.

Thank you Cindi (Janelle).

I will upload the videos I filmed she was brilliant!!!!

Love Chloe xx 💖

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