Story + Passion

'An artist needs to explore beyond their own garden. You can't keep planting the same seeds where flowers are already blooming'

- Prince

I am a passionate enthusiastic Radio Host, Presenter, YouTube Personality and Beauty Pageant titleholder. I am a free spirit!

My love for Nu-Soul music landed me to present a weekly Friday Night show called Soul Down Sessions at my university radio station then branching out to host a monthly show called the Funky Hype playing my favs of 80's Electronic Funk, Synth Pop and Disco. I continue the Soul Down Sessions at Unity Xtra in London on Sunday afternoons.

During my final year of studies I ran for Miss Jamaica UK coming in third place and taking home the People's Choice Award. By summer of 2017 I graduated in Media Production Radio with Honours, I then competed in my second pageant and won first place as Miss West Indies UK 2017.

While juggling my day job in my free time I collaborate my passionate interest for Prince to The Prince Podcast on I aspire to grow my wings in the entertainment industry to entertain, educate and inform people on the things that I care about by shedding light on them to the best of my ability. I self taught myself to use editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Audition and After Effects. I can turn my bedroom into my own home studio if I want to creating projects for fun. 

My body can't seem to keep up with my creativity and I have a bad habit to under-rank myself to thinking that I'm not cable of doing certain roles in the industry when I can if I just believed in myself. This is why I built this website to showcase the many talents within myself and what I have to offer to the world. Think of this website of a time-capsule or pool of resources of an independent body (me) creating and growing a network of entertainment and relate-able topics.

It's time that I showcase my gifts.

Watch me grow.
Love Chloe (C.C.)


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